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Let's face it, ANYONE can design a website. Of course, not everyone can design a GOOD-LOOKING and/or FUNCTIONAL website. That's where we can help.

Our rates are VERY competitive and our work is second-to-none. Most of our designers are seasoned, best-selling Microsoft FrontPageĀ® Theme designers so they HAVE to be good.

We've seen lots of sites on the Net that say they do custom website design. To be honest, if their own sites are any indication of the quality of their work, you're MUCH better off doing it yourself. We've even seen some using public domain graphics and animations. Aren't they supposed to be designers?!?!?! Why are they using other people's stuff?

There are also a number of sites promising to design a site especially for you. In reality, all they do is purchase a template from an original designer (like us). They don't design it themselves. We're not saying that's a BAD thing but, wouldn't you rather have your site created by an ORIGINAL designer?

Additionally, most of the sites tell you that they will:

  • Submit your site to a gazillion search engines.
    • You can do that yourself...for FREE!
  • Do JavaScript.
    • There's a TON of JavaScript out there...for FREE! And, more often than not, that's where they get it from.
  • Do Flash Animation.
    • We've never seen any Flash that REALLY contributes to a site or product; it's pretty much just what it's name says...FLASH...ALL flash.
  • Walk your dog.
    • You KNOW you can do that for FREE!

and a myriad of other things.

 We're NOT a Jack-Of-All-Trades ; we do ONE thing, and we do it VERY well. We design websites and logos...PERIOD.

Take a look at our rates and price page then get in touch with us.

We also offer custom Windows desktop solutions. Whether it be for the web or the desktop, we are proud to be able to offer our clients custom, Windows solutions. You've probably heard of Microsoft's Visual Studio. It's been around for a few years now. What you may NOT know is that it's the hottest programming product for the PC. Most of the major businesses around the world are using it to develop new websites and desktop applications.

It allows developers (like us) to design and deploy custom Windows programs and ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) websites extremely fast. It's also one of the most stable programming paradigms ever . And, it's got a LOT of new features specifically for web development.

We've been developing Windows solutions since the mid 80's. Of course, it was all desktop software then. We kept up with the trends and were one of the first to incorporate programming dynamic web pages into our sites and those of our clients. If you require custom programs for your business or dynamic content on your website, please contact us. We can get it done for you... FAST!