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Below you find many common questions we’re frequently asked and the answers to those questions.

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Why can't I do this stuff myself?

For application and database programming, most people just simply don't know how nor do they have the time to invest in learning how to do it. It's not easy to write a program or design a database. You need professional help. At KEP.NET, we've been writing programs and designing database structures since 1978. We know how to get the job done quickly and correctly. We will also stand behind all of our programming with support for whatever problems you have.

Why should I have my website designed by someone else?

After all, there's a multitude of do-it-yourself programs out there to help me. In some cases, you're right! If you're doing your own personal web page, you really should try to do it yourself. After all, you want it to reflect your ideas and your personality. Of course, if you need help, we'll be here for you. However, when it comes to business, that's a different story. You need a good, eye-catching design. You also need content. Most web designers are either graphic artists or writers. But, you need both! At KEP.NET, we have been able to integrate these skills to develop web sites that get your message across and look great. Another thing to keep in mind is that most designers websites look pretty much the same. They take a "cookie-cutter" approach to designing. We don't. Each site we design is different and based on the needs of our client and his/her product or service. At KEP.NET we feel our rates are very reasonable and our support is second-to-none. We don't have a "900 number" and we don't charge you extra for us to support our own work. We feel that when you pay us to develop a program, you should get one that is error-free and easy to use. If it's a website, you should be completely satisfied with it. We hope you'll give us the opportunity to serve you.

Do you backup my website?

Yes and no. Sorry to sound evasive. If we design your website as well as host it, we do have a backup of your site. Should anything ever happen to your site, we will be able to restore it in a matter of minutes. In other cases, either where you design and/or maintain your own website or if we're just hosting your site, you are responsible for keeping a backup of your website. This really shouldn't be a problem due to the fact that you are the one keeping your site and it's data current. Therefore, you will (should) always have a copy of what's currently on your site. Otherwise, every time you update your site, you'd overwrite what's currently on it and possibly lose information.

How often do you bill me?

That depends on how you set up payments. If you pay monthly, we will send you a bill at the beginning of the month. Payments are due withing 15 days of the day we send the bill. We can also set up payment plans on a quarterly, semin-annual of annual basis. We send you a bill on the same schedule as shown above. IMPORTANT: If you elect to pay annually, you only pay for 10 months of service. We give you the last two months at no charge.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay via check, money order of PayPal. There is no extra charge for any of these options. We apologize that we cannot directly accept credit card payments.

What happens if I am unable to pay on time?

If you let us know prior to the bills due date, we will work out some kind of payment arrangements that suit both our needs. In cases where we do not hear from you, the server will send out a reminder message daily for 5 days prior to your bills due date. The day after the due date, the server automatically suspends your website services (including email). Be assured that no site data is lost! However, during that time, any incoming email will be rejected by the server which means that, even after service is restored, those rejected emails will not be available. In habitual cases of non-payment or tardiness, we may, at our sole discretion, apply a reconnection fee to restore your website service.

What is your 'uptime'?

We are proud to be able to say that in the past 3 years (we didn't keep track of it prior to that), our server uptime has been over 99.9%. The only time the server has been offline is when Windows Updates require the server to be rebooted in order for the updates to take effect. A reboot takes between 5-8 minutes.

Can I contact your at any time?

If you're a client, yes indeed! We give you a phone number that you can call 24/7/365 if you experience a problem with your site. In cases of non-clients, we ask that you use our contact page or call during normal business hours.

If you host my site but don't design it, will you help me if I get stuck trying to do something/ put something on my website?

Yes we will! Most web hosts are simply that; web hosts ONLY. Since we also design sites and we really do care about all of our clients, we are happy to help you with minor things on your site. Our basic 'rule-of-thumb' is, if it takes us 15 minutes or less to solve your design-related issue, we will not charge you. Of course, if it takes longer than that, our normal design prices will apply. We'd love to be able to help you for free no matter what the issue or how long it takes but, in these economic times, we simply can't afford to. We're sure you understand.